How Muguka is killing our youths and future

Miraa has been termed as an addictive drug that dire health consequences

Muguka is not a new terminology in Kenya if not Kitui and Embu.

Courtesy of this plant we are now witnessing a lifestyle that if not arrested will rob us of youths and a future. Muguka plant that is quickly killing our sons and our future as well.

Anytime one passes through a muguka zone or as popularly called baze, you will find young boys by the roadside busy chewing the leaves.

I could be wrong but I want to believe that this lifestyle is what is making our youths engage in violence and other criminal activities in order to finance the said lifestyle.

As Kitui residents and electorate, we are living with this pain of witnessing our young brothers who are always drunk and high on Muguka .

Ready to borrow or steal in order to ‘kukashika’ but not pursuing any dream or purpose, they cannot present themselves for any serious interview.

We risk losing a whole generation even as we earn good money from the business.
Socially, we must admit we are affected both directly and indirectly. Many may even deny this, but it is a fact that new marriages are not so common while new births are fewer.

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Recently County Assembly of Kitui sought to regulate the muguka business. A motion tabled on the floor of the house by Nzambani MCA, Hon Ruth Kyene.
According to me this is nothing or side show by the assembly of Kitui as the problem at hand is more than regulation.
Will it be wise we regulate the business and loose a whole generation as we think of constructing a Mega rehabilitation center in each of the 8 constituencies in Kitui County or Ban the business and lifestyle completely?

I plead with the churches and leaders to come out boldly against this crop. A sober county/nation should accept that money is not everything. Our future is at stake. Muguka business cannot be a blessing, but a curse to our own people.

For a society to thrive, all factors of development both Social, economic, political, ecological and legal mechanisms must play concurrently and for the betterment of the people.

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