We know you ferried ‘supporters’ to Kyuso, Mca

Our next agenda is to Impeach Ngilu, Mca Kivunzi

On Monday, a handful number of ‘supporters’ were alleged hired and ferried to Kyuso town to counter attack the real residents utterances stated a week ago.

According to Kyuso MCA, Stephen Makau, Governor Ngilu’s administration allegedly hired supporters from as far as Mwingi Central to rubbish the residents complains.

Recently, residents came out clearly demanding Governor Ngilu to resign citing incompetence in her regime.

The utterances stirred mixed reactions especially among Ngilu’s handful supporters.

Hired/ferried supporters to sing mbee nzei irritating chorus

I’m tempted to ask, does freedom of expression still exist?

Why would there be assumptions that the locals were coached on what to say?

If the regime is failing, can’t it work for to deliver to its voters?

Why hire people to sing wachana Na Mama yet the actual voters are in denial of her leadership?

“As a politician I expected this a day after residents demands, Ngilu a her people have delayed.” he added.

According to ward Rep the real Kyuso resident know we raised the challenges on the ground and if addressed, the better.


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