You must wake up, we are tired; Mulyungi to Ngilu

Mwingi Central legislator, Gideon Mulyungi

Mwingi central parliamentarian, Hon Gideon Mulyungi has vowed to keep Governor Ngilu on toes.

According to Mwingi Central legislator the county has been sleeping on her job and it’s high time she wakes up.

Mulyungi, who was speaking at Mui during the send off ceremony of Mui Mca’s father, Joseph Mbaya said Governor Ngilu needed to be woken up.

“I have taken all leadership roles in my constituency, I do everything including duties which is the county’s responsibilities like road grading,” said Mulyungi.

‘Woona ngisamithya ou ni MP noo ngatwika Governor?” posed Mulyungi popularly.

Mulyungi mantained that Kitui MCA should keep and mantain their mandate as mandated.


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