Ngilu’s MCA roasts Ngilu’s County Minister


Miambani ward MCA, Hon Alex Nganga on Saturday, during Hon Alex Nganga Football Tournament sent a early warning to lazy county Ministers.


Nganga seemed annoyed by the executive’s intentional failure to attend or send a representative to his football tournament despite his invites months before it kicked off.


County Minister in charge of Tourism, Sports and Culture Hon Koki Musau alias Kuvasila was conspicuously missing during the Miambani football tournament .


The discussion in one way found its way to social media platforms specifically KPC, where Sports minister (Waiya) sought elaboration on Nganga’s statement. The whatsapp fight began.

Don’t you also bow as a baggage that the Government will dispose as part our reinvogartion. If you understand what I mean” MCA Nganga posted

Kuvasila was slow to respond to this as his office could not allow him to respond politically.

My oath of office safeguards me from engaging with vulgur language but if you presurise me I might do so” He responded to Miambani MCA


Allow me Not to engage you further let me hold my peak. Good night” Kuvasila added


Waiya’s Goodnight message fell into deaf’s ear as Nganga threw one more stone. Referring to the new county secretary Nganga was certain that comic Kuvasila was either to shape up or ship out.


We are done with comedians, just realsie there is a new sheriff in town and things will done differently.” Miambani ward rep continued to roast Kuvasila


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