We know you have hidden money in your home, Kivunzi to Ngilu

Majority chief whip, Stephen Makau

CBK  is an enemy of Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu as she must have some 1,000 old notes which will  cease to be legal in less than a month.

According to Kyuso MCA, Stephen Makau, Governor Ngilu is among those Kenyans struggling to find a good way of banking old notes.

It’s alleged that Governor Ngilu rarely spends cash from her pocket, her personal expenditure finds away into County Government’s system.

Ngilu’s spending changed to a spendthrift the day Governor Njoroge announced the changes.

“We suspect Governor Ngilu has been using her cash to sort some petty expenditure during County functions to later make claims” Kivunzi said.

Over the weekend she was in Mombasa doing her usual thing.


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