Kenya Wildlife Service set to raise the profile of Kora National Park


Kenya Wildlife Service vow to work together with the County Governments of Kitui and Tana River  to improve the face of Kora National Park.


Deputy Director, Kenya Wildlife Service

reserve up to Kora National Park and make the park accessible” Charles Musyoka,Deputy Director KWS.

According to Deputy Director Kenya Wildlife Service Charles Musyoka ,Goerge Adamson  Kora’s experience will be enhanced so that many people can visit the park and experience exactly what George experienced.

We are going to make a very firm commitment to Kenyans that we will improve this park so that the legacy that was left by George Adamson lives on”,added Musyoka.

Kora National park is known all over the world for its rich experience that was raised by George Adamson therefore if enhanced it will make a very big difference in the livelihood of the people around the park.

Kitui Minister for Tourism, Sports and Culture Patrick Musau and his counterpart from Tana River County Yaya Ali aslo vowed to work together as a team to improve conservation of Kora National Park.

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Speaking at Kora National Park during the celebrations of George Adamson experience Patrick Musau said that the County Government of Kitui through the ministry of tourism,sports and culture have collaborated with KWS for 10 years management plan to improve Kora national park and Mwingi game reserve.

So far we have constructed three gates within Mwingi game reserve and Kora National Park one at Kaningo ,the other one at Mashungwa and the third one at Kora park”,said Musau.

Hon Patrick Koki Musau – CECMTourism and Sports, Kitui County

We have a master plan at Tana River County to maintain historical sites and improve the state of roads that leads to all National Parks and game reserves within and at the border our county”,said Yaya Ali.

Minister for Tourism,sports and culture Yaya Ali Tana River County
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