There’s no insecurity in Kyuso, we want hospital opened


Kyuso residents of Mwingi North sub_county in Kitui demand Kyuso level 4 hospital re-opened after it was indefinitely closed on Tuesday morning cutting insecurity of the workers in the facility.

In a notice to all workers at hospital dated Tuesday September 3,2019 the medical superintended Daniel Musiani said the drastic action to close the hospital resulted from impending unrest and insecurity at the hospital.

“Following threats posed by unknown entities to members of the staff working within the hospital, the county ministry of health has decided to close the facility indefinitely pending investigations by law enforcement agencies and ensure safety of all employees working herein,” said the letter by Dr. Misiani Nicodemus

Area residents have rubbished the claims stating there is no insecurity in the area and want the operations in the hospital to resume immediately.

Nicodemus Muthengi, a Kyuso resident
said the hospital closure is unexpected
and they don’t know why the hospital was closed yet Kyuso is not insecure.

“We don’t know and have not heard about insecurity in Kyuso.We Want the hospital reopened and operational,” stated Muthengi

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Nicodemus also added that nearby hospitals are private and are too expensive for most locals to afford

Rose maluki, a business lady in the town
said Governor Ngilu is really disturbing locals in Kyuso yet they do not have any fight against her administration but seeking their rights addressed .

“pregnant women are suffering after the facility has been closed and we want it re opened to save our mothers and children,” said Rose

“We are very angry with you, just go home, don’t come for Kyuso votes, we have grown very poor because of you, you are very cruel,” bitter Rose narrated.

“What exactly do you want from Kyuso, please tell us, we are tired. We have left you to God,” stated Rose almost in tears.

Morris Munyoki, Kyuso market chair stated that recent acts which are alleged to be spearheaded by some officers in the county government are cruel and they irritate.

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” How can a hospital be closed citing insecurity in a place where cases of lawlessness are unheard of?” posed the market chair.

“This is a clear evidence of politics and we will not tolerate politics at the expense of people’s lives, “warned Morris

Nominated Mca, Munyoki Katonyi, stated that closure of Kyuso sub-county hospital is pure politics aimed at torturing residents after they demanded their plight of casuals from other wards securing employed while their youths are jobless at the hospital addressed.

” The DCC has said that there’s no insecurity cases which have been reported to him,its propaganda, and there are no investigations in the DCIO’s office as stated,” Katonyi pointed out.

The nominated Wiper mca wondered how the government can force people to go on compulsory leave yet they have not been paid for two months now.

” Open the hospital, else we will take necessary action,” demanded Katonyi.

Kyuso member of county assembly, Stephen Makau also lamented the closure of the level four hospital, a key institution that demands to be working every time .

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“Kyuso is a peaceful area and this time the County has over reacted,”

Makau demanded arrest of individuals who wrote the threatening leaflets painting Kyuso insecure.

“I will still fight for rights of residents at all costs” posed the county legislator.

According to Kivunzi, as he is popularly known, Kitui county should not term insecurity in Kyuso as scapegoat after it has failed to pay workers thus diverting attention of pending salaries.

“This should be termed as crisis and we should not practice politics alongside people lives,”

Kyuso level 4 hospital serves residents from Tharaka, Mumoni, Ngomeni among other areas of Mwingi North sub county.

“This cruel act does not only affect Kyuso residents, but entire Mwingi North,” Kivunzi added

If you are punishing residents for addressing their plights, then deal with me and leave locals alone,” firmly stated the county lawmaker.

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