Why should we take care of our donkeys?



A donkey is a domestic animal that we keep in our home for various activities. We should take care of our donkeys because they are living things and need protection, care, love, veterinary care and shelter. We use donkeys in various activities like carrying charcoal, water, firewood and many other activities.

We should build shelter for our donkeys. When we don’t have bricks and iron sheets for building,we may use sticks and grass . We should cut grass and dry it in wet seasons in order for the donkey to eat it later when there is drought. We should provide clean water for the donkey in order to prevent the donkey from getting sick.

The other thing is that we should provide veterinary care for the donkey because it helps us in various activities and it may sometimes become sick. We should provide protection for the donkey because it is a prey for some wild animals or carnivorous animals. The other thing is that donkey needs care like our children. I have named my donkey Mwendwa which means love because I love it.

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Our donkeys need care because they are living things and we use them in various activities. We should avoid beating them mercilessly.  We should also avoid overloading our donkeys.  We should be kind to our donkeys and show them love. When the donkey brays at night we should go out and look what makes it to bray.

Lastly, we should take care of it because when we help our donkeys, we take care and help our communities.




The top composition written by Benjamin Muusya from Tulimani Primary school during Donkey Care Club competitions held on30th Sept 2018 in Mwingi town.


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