No more salary delays for Kitui County employees


Employees of Kitui County Government have a ‘salary’ reason to smile. This is as the County Government of Kitui plans to have a lasting solution to late and delayed salaries.

While addressing union of county workers and member of the fourth estate outside his office Kitui County Secretary, Mr Joshua Chepchieng assured County employees of timely salary.

The procedure of paying our devoted employees as late as 10th has to stop immediately and we’ve agreed on that.” Said Joshua Chepchieng, County Secretary

Chepcheng promised that as from September, 2019 delays in salaries will be no more as the executive has already put in place mechanism to ensure delays do not reoccur.


CS attributed current salary delays to the Division of Revenue Bill 2019 stalemate though solved after the Senate agreed on 316.5 billion share.

Not only County of Kitui, the stalemate has pushed the 47 county governments to the edge, making it difficult to pay workers on time.

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