Robert Mugabe: Ten of his most famous quotes


Zimbabwean ex President Robert Mugabe died on Friday, September 6th 2019 in Singapore at age of 95.

One thing that can’t be debated, however, is Bob’s ability to rattle other world leaders.

Mugabe had a long history of making colourful and controversial remarks famously referred to as Mugabe Quotes during a reign that spanned nearly four decades.

Here are some of the Mugabe’s famous Quote.



1. Some are saying ‘Mr Mugabe is old, so he should step down’… No! When my time comes, I will tell you


2. Nothing makes a woman more confused than being in a relationship with a broke man who is extremely good in bed.


3. The only white man you can trust is a dead white man.


4. If you are a married man and you find yourself attracted to school girls, just buy your wife a school uniform.


5. It’s hard to bewitch African girls these days because each time you take a piece of their hair to the witch doctor, either a Brazilian innocent woman gets mad or a factory in China catches fire.


6. Some women legs are like rumors, they keep on spreading.


7. Imagine when you are about to give an offering in church with your last money and she texts you “buy condoms I’m on my way”. I swear the devil will win this battle with most guys.


8. To all the girls who visit their boyfriends and put their phones on Flight Mode. Your plane will crash one day.


9. Every woman wants to marry a rich man. My worry is, who will marry the ones you made broke?


10. Worse than pigs and dogs… Those who do it (gay), we will say, they are wayward. It is just madness, insanity



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