Give us ample time to serve our people, Mwingi West Mp to Unelected leaders.

Mwingi West Mp, Charles Nguna

Mwingi West Mp Charles Ngusya Nguna has excoriated unelected political leaders who have been loitering around saying that the elected leaders are not performing their duties accordingly arguing that they still has 3 more years to serve the public.

“Those unelected leaders who have been tarmacking and loitering all over telling people how they will be elected in 2022 and carry out development should stop and give us time to perform our duties”, said CNN.

According to CNN unelected leaders have been inciting public telling them that elected leaders are doing nothing other than spending funds over unnecessary issues.

Speaking during retirement celebrations of Mumbuni location Senior Chief Joseph Mwendwa, CNN further castigated them against early politicking arguing that they should be given enough time to fulfill their promises to their electorates.

“They should remain silence and watch us as we carry out development and at the end they will be able to compare our work with that of former elected leaders”, added Nguna.

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