We want relief food for our school pupils, a Kitui MP

Jubilant Kitoo primary school pupils pose for a photograph with the 8000 litre water tank donated to the school by Synohydro corporation ltd.

Kitui central mp Dr. Benson Makali Mulu today urged cabinet secretary for devolution Eugene Wamalwa to disburse relief food in primary schools within his constituency


Makali was addressing members of press in kitui town revealed that there is fear of many pupils to drop out of school due to great famine in kitui and that there is need for government to intervene through the ministry of devolution.


He said since last year kitui has not received enough rainfall leaving farmers with major problem of food and water.


“We have not experienced enough rainfall in kitui since last year and parents are facing difficult situation of buying food at home and in the same time paying school fees.We all know that many parents in kitui depend on farming which for the last one year it has been a major problem due to lack of enough rainfall,”he said.


However, Makali urged government to introduce School feeding program,noting that as good idea to maintain children in school,hence avoiding absenteeism which may causing poor performances.

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“School feeding program will assist in maintaining students in class,make them focus in education hence improving their performances. I urge government to implement the feeding program idea to secure our children in school,” He added


He revealed to journalists that Kitui county in Eastern region has not been doing well for the last seven years due to issues of poverty and increased number of early childhood pregnancies which led many pupils drop out of school

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