OPINION: This is where rain started beating Ngilu’s administration

Governor Ngilu addressing traders at Kanyonyoo market, Kitui Rural

The start of Ngilu’s administration was much okay full of expectations from Musangi and Nzangi.

Somewhere midway the rain started beating Mama Rainbow 🌈 left, right and center.

Humiliation of county employees

As Ngilu’s County Ministers (CECM) and other appointees assumed office the mbee nzei Manifesto started withering. The said employees started making anyhow changes, intimidating employees labbelled ‘Watu wa malombe’

County Contractors 

Contractors associated with Governor Malombe were openly humiliated with delayed/no payment. Those who had ongoing contracts, they were technically terminated forgetting these are Kitui sons and daughters.

As per instructions from the top, County Ministers served ‘fat’ and lucrative tenders to the one and only. The remaining contracts being shared between the Ministers and the very few ‘Watu wa mama’.

This was the origin of superior and inferior, Touchable and untouchable Ministers.

Youth and SMEs

Small and upcoming young contractors died immediately Governor Ngilu was sworn in and her administration decided to import contractors from western and Central Kenya.

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Inflated County Projects 

Kitui taxpayers continue to bear the financial weight as the available financial resources result to less tangible projects.

How much did it cost the installation of the controversial Ballast Crusher? Your guese is as good as mine.

Kikotec is a very good project but the big question is how much did it cost the taxpayer?


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