Mwingi central bar operators urged to observe Mututho law.


Mwingi Central Sub-County police commander, Peter Mutuma on Friday held a meeting with bar operators to discuss burning issues concerning the appropriate time for operating bars.

They bar operators have been opposing Mututho law by operating bars from morning hours up to late night.

Mutuma urged bar operators to operate their bars from 5pm up to 11pm as it is in Mututho law.

“In this meeting we just wanted to maintain good partnership btw us and bar operators by making sure they observe Mututho law”, said Mutuma.

According to Mutuma, bar operators agreed to observe rules and regulations as they are in the county government of Kitui so that they may be able to operate smoothly.

Also they discussed issues concerning those bars that are being operated near institutions.

“We have given those who are operating bars near institutions 3 months notice to relocate so that pupils may not engage in drug abuse”, said Mutuma.

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Mutuma added that they, bar operators should only sell alcohol to persons over 18 years.

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