Mp Mulyungi upbraid Ngilu for insecurity in Kitui County. .

Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi addressing the media

Mwingi Central Mp Dr.Gideon Mulyungi has upbraided Ngilu for insecurity within the boarder of Kitui County and Tana River arguing that Ngilu has not taken any action concerning the issues of insecurity in Kitui County.

According to Mulyungi Kamba people residing at the boader of Kitui County and Tana River are living in fear due to armed marauding Somali camel herders who have invaded their farms and displaced them.

It has been two years down the line and we have never seen Ngilu addressing the issue of Somali bandits who have been killing our people and rendering them homeless”, said the legislator.

Speaking on Saturday at Ukasi during a function with National Assembly Committee on Administration and Security Mulyungi further said that if Nguli is not willing to work for Kitui residents he will do it on her behalf.

“I have all the qualifications to become a governor so if she is not ready to serve our people I will take that responsibility and speak up for Kamba community“, said the MP.

The governor should wake up and work together with the security team to protect Kitui residents from the armed marauding Somali camel herders who have been killing Kambas anyhowly.

Once the governor takes action and adds her voice on this issues our people will be in good hands because there will be tight security at the boarder of Kitui county and Tana River” added Mulyungi.

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