Mwingi; baby dies following doctor’s strike



Hospitals in across Kitui County are entering their second month now after doctors downed tools following pending salaries for three months now.


Locals of interior Maongoa village, Waita ward in Mwingi Central Sub-county are engulfed with heartache after a one year old infant lost life for failing to get vital medical attention.


According to the boy’s mother, Beatrice Mutambuki, she had gone to church leaving her two children at home.

BeatriceMutambuki,in yellow blouse ,the mother of the baby boy

Moments later,she received astonishing calls from neighbors informing her of the bad news.


“I received astonishing calls from my neighbors informing me that my son had severe burns,” narrated sad Beatrice



After the news, the mother, together with some neighbors took the baby to a personal hospital which is 14 kilometres away where he received first aid.




A few metres away from their homestead, is a dispensary that has never been commissioned over five years since its completion.

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Mwendwa Mutemi, a neighbor stated that they took the infant to  Mwingi level 4 hospital and  upon arriving at the level 4 facility, doctors had long downed tools finding no one to attend to them .


They took the step of taking the baby who was badly burnt on his back side to another private hospital in Mwingi town.


To their disappointment, private hospitals in Mwingi were fully-occupied and opted going to Muthale, a mission hospital in Kitui West in search for medical attention.


Sadly the baby passed on as they sought transport means to get to the Mission hospital.


Cecilia Thomas, a family friend said that the baby’s life could have been saved if doctors had not downed tools.


“The strike has paralyzed operations in hospitals and lives are being lost on daily basis,” said Cecilia.



James Makau, another local urged Kitui Governor, Kaluki Ngilu to pay doctors and nurses to resume normalcy in hospitals.

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