EXPOSED; Unpaid Mwingi hungry, angry doctor steals from the hospital



Mwingi level 4 hospital has been left abandoned following doctor’s strike which has entered the second month.

Following the hospital’s rejection which resulted from unpaid three months salaries, the hospital has been exposed to major negativities from patients severely suffering to theft in the facility.

Recently, three television sets were stolen from the wards.

According to a watchman at the facility, a doctor in the xray department is suspected to have stolen the tvs .

Habakuk,not his real name revealed to KO that the doctor entered the facility at night a few weeks ago while they[doctors] were still on strike.

The doctor , who vehemently opposed his car boot’s check up and thoroughly beat up the security guard, is suspected to have taken away the electronics .

“the previous day, we had searched the doc’s car  who had come to the hospital on unclear missions and found some water jericans among other items in his boot and we took them and returned them,”

“When he returned the following night, he refused his boot to be checked beating me up and we discovered the tv sets were lost,” further narrated the gateman.


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