Maongoa residents urge Ngilu to commission Maongoa dispensary

Hon Charity Ngilu once served as the Minister for Water and Health in her times in power.

Maongoa residents in Waita ward, Mwingi central constituency are calling upon Hon. Charity Ngilu to commission Maongoa dispensary that has been looted and abandoned over five years of completion.

Early this year we were promised that the dispensary will be commissioned but now a year is gone and we have not seen any progress on the same“, said Cosmas Muthengi, a resident.

Following the death of a one and a half year old boy who died of severe burns yesterday the residents feel that the dispensary should be up and running inorder to save lives.

If this dispensary was operating we would have been able to save the life of that baby who died due to delayed treatment “, said James Makau.

According to them it is around 14Km from Maongoa village to Waita centre where they can access a healthcare.

Transport has been an issue to them where they pay Ksh 400 from Maongoa village to Waita centre to access treatment.
Pregnant women are forced to use motorcycles as means of transport which is very dangerous to the unborn babies where some mothers end up having still birth.

It is so sad for Maongoa residents to have a well equipped dispensary but it is not of no help to them.

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