Senate Mashinani Kitui edition is a flop


There are striking differences between Kitui Senate Mashinani and the Uasin Gishu one.

For a majority of us, it shows a serious lack of Planning and stakeholder involvement on the part of Kitui County .


1. Kitui Insecurity: Insecurity is an increasing problem in Kitui South, East and some parts of Mwingi. The Uasin Gishu Senate Mashinani revolved on issues around the immediate problems of the People like Maize farming.

Kituians expected the Senator to at least “bring a section of the displaced Mutha residents to Kitui Town to present their woes to the Senate Committees”.

Failure to do this, it confirms that Kitui Senator is just playing politics around the banditry saga.


Unlike Uasin Gishu’s Senator, the Kitui Senator plans to take Senate Mashinani team to Kitui South, Mutomo for a marathon event.

There seems to be a serious hype on sporting as the Key Agenda. We don’t export Sports Kitui, we don’t have a good fraction of Kitui Residents feeding on sports. What’s all this hype for games about?

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2. From the Business Front: In Uasin Gishu, business people were able to show case their ventures and merchandise. In Kitui, there are no stalls, no exhibitions and no hype for small businesses expect for jams and traffic chaos. Uasin Gishu residents were able to present their issues on Maize Farming and Fertilizers on the National Dialogue.


Something is wrong somewhere?



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