Senator Sakaja cornered by a Kitui woman


On Thursday Nairobi’s Super Senator Sakaja was cornered as he was headed to the senate sitting in Kitui.

He was driving to County Assembly when a lady selling banana whistled to him forcing the Senator to stop and listen, his window was rolled down.

Mkubwa huwezi nipita hivyo na nauza ndizi next na picha yako” the lady said to Sakaja.

In a facebook seen by KituiOnline Nairobi senator enjoyed the bananas and appreciated his fans who came through.

Of course I oblige and come out to say hi. She is so nice and the people around love her so much. So she immediately sold all her bananas 😉.

Amenibamba sana. Was nice chatting with her and the lovely people who came around (for the bananas) 😃 😃 😃. ” he posted


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