Mp Mulyungi warns against misuse of social media

Hon Gideon Mulyungi - MP, Mwingi Central

Mwingi Central MP Hon Dr. Gideon Mulyungi has warned Kitui residents against misuse of social media.

According to Mulyungi online users are abusing, threatening and inciting each other through social media.

According to the MP there should be a public report in mechanism where the public can forward the offensive messages to the DCI or police so that those people who are responsible for inciting Kenyans against each other can be taken to court.

Am asking the police and the DCI to take action against those who are abusing each other on social media so that they can be taken to court and act as an example to others“, said the legislator.

In May 2018 the government of Kenya responded to these and other high profile cyber attacks by signing the Computer and Cyber Crime Act into law.

“With the use of cyber crime bill we will be able to get those people who are propagating hate speech and abusing others through social media social media“, said Mulyungi.

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The legislator was addressing media at a Mwingi hotel today, Friday.

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