Nene and Black must leave Kitui for development to be realised, Kitui Chief of Staff


For the last few days Kitui County Chief of Staff, Crispus Ileli has openly opposed Governor’s Head of Manifesto Implementation Unit Mr Nene Nzyuko and Technical Advisor Odanyiro Wamukoya aka Black for what he termed as miss-advisory.

According to Ileli, these two individuals have been holding Kitui County at ransom.

In a statement shared by Chief of Staff is that change in Kitui is inevitable and therefore he will be organizing series of rallies across the county to spill the beans.

Kitui people must know the state of the county and who is messing what and where.” Part of the statement read.


Kitui County Chief of staff,Crispus Ileli shall address our great people of Kitui.

11.00 am-Noon ; Kwa Kilui Market

1.00pm – 2.00 pm; Mutomo town

3.00pm -4.00 pm; Kyuso Market

5.00pm -6.00pm; Kabati Town Kauwi

All are welcome

“If loosing my job will be the price to pay for Kitui people to benefit then it’s okay with my soul.” Ileli added

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