Where did good men disappear to?

Court declared sex among cousins permissible.

A good number of single ladies have this one major question bothering them day and night without finding its exact answers.

Relax, take your seat, glass of water or any of your favorite drink as I try to answer this question.

Good men existed before but nowadays, spotting one is like killing two birds using a single stone.

According to me, this is where our dear good men disappeared to

Sugar Mamas

Ever since women stopped being house wives and joined the financial field battling it with the opposite sex, things changed.

Initially, even when the husband was not a ‘bedroom’ bully, the woman would Vumilia her partner if not for anything else, but to say loyal to their loyalty pledge during their union.

In our current life, a woman can financially spoil any boy of her choice especially when the hubby fails to ‘deliver ‘ in the bedroom.

In most cases, the young jobless tall, dark and handsome men are on sugar mummy’s receiving end as most of them are in dire need of money.

“Provided I get a more thrilling and nerve calming marathon, name your price handsome little one,” a sugar mama texts a young man who recently graduated and is jobless. 

Under Kenya’s harsh living conditions, it becomes hard to turn down such a mouth watering offer.

” Si ni service tu anataka, and sometimes I give it for free, I think it’s high time I grab the chance for I know someone elsewhere is yearning for it,” a 25 Year old tells his friend. 

Good men gave up being good.

In most relationships, when one partner is loyal, the other bears opposite traits.

When a relationship has trust issues, it is equivalent to a dead one.

In my own opinion, if a guy is faithful and the girl is a community girlfriend, chances of the guy giving up are higher.


Giving up being good comes after the girlfriend repeatedly keeps hurting the man and he can decide to call it quits, being loyal turning into a play boy.


Intake of drugs either geared by peer pressure or depression has made most of our guys useless.

I hope the government intensifies the war against drug abuse in the country.

Better men already met their ancestors

In my native language, there’s a saying that goes, ‘andu Ala maseo mayikalaa thayu‘, that European language simply insinuates that good people do not stay alive for long.

So could our good men be long dead?


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