Am not interested in your seat, Mutula jnr tells Kibwana


Responding to allegations that Senator Mutula is fighting Makueni Governor for political favour, he distanced himself from Makueni gubernatorial seat come 2022.

“Being elected a Govenor in 2022 is secondary and ranks lowly in my list of things to do as an elected Senator. (You can note this down somewhere)

He preferred working in his law firm rather than being in politics for stomach affairs.

” I would be happy practicing law in my prestigious law firm if for any reason I am not an elected leader in August 2022.” Mutula jnr said

According to Makueni senator Public resources must be respected to utilized properly. Question use of the same does not mean one has political interests.

” A blind eye to use and misuse of public funds or bend over backwards to please the King and courtiers. Accountability cannot be superior to asking for resources” added Senator

Success of devolution now largely depends on how we tackle use of public resources


“Bob Marley had something to say about this not so clever narrative….. you can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool All the people all the time” he concluded

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