Governor Ngilu Summons MCAs for ‘nipe nikupe’ Meeting

The Kitui county Assembly chambers.

By Chalo James

Just when the MCAs have started the process of indicting and removing county secretary Joshua chepchieng for having been appointment irregularly and criminally, Governor Ngilu has called an urgent yet opaque consultative meeting.


The meeting kicks off on Thursday morning at KEFRI where the embattled governor is expected to plead with the MCAs to go slow on their oversight role.


Another thing said to be on the agenda, according to our tipsters, is for Ngilu to plead with MCAs to accept Ksh20million as ward development fund instead of Ksh40million proposed by the House months ago.


She is also likely to take advantage of the meeting with the MCAs and prevail on members to accept her county secretary and shelve any plans to impeach officers like Philip Mumo who hold fake degree papers” revealed our mole.


Our tipsters have told us that Kasusu has already assembled envelopes to line the MCAs pockets to do her bidding. The MCAs will also not be allowed in the meeting hall with their phones on!


Our warning to MCAs: Ngilu is a thief, unmitigated liar and a con artist who should never be trusted.

Handle her with maximum care as if you are handling sulphuric acid.


More to follow.


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