CO environment accuse police of undermining war against charcoal burning.

Lorry offload charcoal at Mwingi police station

County Chief Officer in the ministry of environment and Natural resources, Clement Munyithya on Thursday visited Nuu police station, Mwingi Central after a lorry was arrested containing over 100 bags of charcoal.

The lorry was arrested on Wednesday night at Nuu ferrying charcoal from Engamba and was taken to Nuu police station and later released by a particular police officer who is currently under investigations over the same.

“I have visited Nuu police station to ascertain the status of that lorry and i have confirmed that the lorry was not booked in the OB”, said the CO.

The overloaded lorry was captured by Engamba village administrator, Bonface Kitemi who later handled over the case to the OCS, Mr.Festus Chai but to his surprise the lorry was never booked in the OB.

“I have spoken to the OCS who has denied to have arrested the lorry “, added the Chief Officer in charge of environment.

While addressing the press at Nuu police station CO said that the county government of Kitui is getting frustrated by some of the security agencies who should be coming along with the county government in fighting charcoal menace.

“It is quite unfortunate that we have some elements who are not supporting what we are doing, I call upon the County Police Commander to investigate this matter and bring the lorry to book “said the CO.

Mwingi East police commander said that he did not receive any information from the OCS concerning that lorry which was ferrying charcoal from Engamba.

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