Trusting Ngilu is like loosing your virginity, Kauwi ward Rep

Profile Photo: Kitui Governor, Hon Charity Ngilu

Trust is paramount in any relationship. In Kitui’s political relationship lacks this critical element.

According to Kauwi ward representative Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu cannot be trusted, especially development trust.

Kauwi Mca, Jane Mutua has warned Ngilu to consider working for the common good of Kitui residents instead of feeding their ears with empty ‘mbee nzei[nzaa nzei] memes’.

Kavicky wondered how it was hard for Ngilu to allocate more funds towards actualization of more development on the grassroots, opting to undertake less meaningful developments eg KICOTEC godowns and crushers as residents suffer wanton poverty.

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Speaking at KEFRI on Thursday during a closed door meeting between the Governor and county assembly leaders, Kavicky told Ngilu on her face that Musangi’s led by their ward reps have since lost their faith in her leadership and just virginity, once broken , nothing can be done to restore it.

The bold Mca maintained that this regime has no choice but to work for residents and eliminate what is unnecessary like the bloating number of employees who are not on the official government’s payroll among other inverted prioritized programs.

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“Madam Governor,where is the money meant for infrastructural developments the residents want ?” asked Kavicky amidst applause from fellow members.

The county legislator further stated that if today’s pace is one to go by, there is no need of being re-elected to lead residents who have only experienced devolved poverty from the sitting regime.

“Money should be channeled to right owners who are Kitui residents not to individuals,”  Kavicky firmly stated amidst more claps  from colleagues.





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