Why did Governor Ngilu walk out on MCAs

Governor Charity Ngilu with Mulango Ward MCA Hon. James Nzamba

On Thursday Governor Ngilu met with Members of County Assembly (MCAs) to discuss matters Kitui County.


All was well during the introduction part of the meeting.


Things changed when matters money was being discussed. Things worsened when MCAs demanded to be updated on Governor’s plan on 40 million per ward. According to ward representatives Governor Ngilu had no answer or was against the idea.


Trouble continued as county boss demanded to know who leaked the meeting secrets and agendas to bloggers and other online users.


As meeting seemed to bear no fruits with MCAs maintaining their hard stance on Kitui developments and accountability, Ngilu walked out on MCAs and drove herself away leaving driver, bodyguard shocked.


MCAs were equally shocked as the convener of the meeting had left.


From the very onset, it was evident that the meeting would abort but no one had the idea Ngilu would walk out on the MCAs.

Governor Ngilu rose up and banged the table in fury. Before MCAs could say consultative meeting, kasusu angrily made a beeline for the door and stormed out.


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