You will never make a come-back, Mbakimbaki tells Ngilu

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Yatta Kwa Vonza ward Rep popularly referred as Mbaki Mbaki has caused a stir amongst Kitui residents yet again.

The NARC MCA and a former Minority leader, told his party leader that she should not prepare for a come- back citing betrayal to the residents.

Mbaki , who was addressing Ngilu at KEFRI on Thursday during a closed door meeting aimed at unlocking budget stalemate , told the county boss to prepare going home if KSH.40Million per ward is not allocated for development purposes.

“We should have already allocated the money and not holding discussions

Madam Governor,we have had several meetings discussing this same issue. I thought we had already reached into an agreement,” Mbaki posed to the Governor.

John Kisangau wondered how he would go back to his ward and tell his voters that he was sorry that their development funds have been channeled to a construction of KICOTEC in Mwingi Central, for instance.

“My people and every other resident in Kitui want you to implement what you told them during the campaign period ,” the legislator told the Governor

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“If you have changed your five pillar manifesto, I will stick to the old manifesto that my voters know of,”

The firm county legislator further told Ngilu that if she wants to allocate the money for development, it is well, if she remains adamant, she can then start packing in preparation for her way out.

Mbaki stated that no developments in accordance to residents will have been implemented and that he strongly felt this is the year to put best foot forward to save and win back people’s trust.


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