We need prayers, devil has ascended on Kitui, MbakiMbaki

Hon John Kisangau aka Mbaki Mbaki, Yatta/Kwa vonza ward MCA


Yatta –kwa vonza county legislator, John Kisangau has called on preachers across the country to offer special prayers to Kitui.

Mbaki Mbaki, cited that the devil, who is a liar has ascended on Kitui and taken charge insisting he should be rebuked.

Kisangau, who was addressing Kitui Governor, Charity Ngilu at a closed door meeting aimed at unlocking the budget stalemate which took place at KEFRI,Kitui said that the county is totally lost and is in deep parts of a thick forest.

The former minority leader stated that Kitui is completely messed under Ngilu’s leadership and only prayers would salvage this capsizing county.

According to the NARC MCA, the major reason for fasting and praying for Kitui is to shun mistrust between the county assembly and the executive.

Kisangau wondered how they would hold a meeting discussing an issue they had agreed on.

“We had already settled on 40 million shillings meant for development in every ward,

Why are we still discussing it instead of allocating the money for mwananchi to at least feel the touch of devolution under this regime?” asked Mbakimbaki.

According to John, the point of discussing poor residents inspite of delivering what they were elected to do was null and void.

To everyone’s surprise, the leader who recently exposed Kwa Kilui stone crusher mega graft firmly stated that even if the money was allocated, the members would not be sure whether it would get to Musangi.

“Even when we pass her budget of desire, we are not sure whether residents will benefit,” stated bold Mbaki Mbaki.

However, Governor Ngilu who had allegedly come carrying ksh.20,000 envelopes for each county assembly member to entice them pass her budget, could no longer take the tough but factual sentiments from the ward reps and left the meeting hall, leaving her bodyguard and driver.

Kitui honestly needs prayers.


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