Mutyambai orders reshuffle of all traffic police officers in Machakos


POLICE IG Hillary Mutyambai has reshuffled all traffic police officers in Machakos County


This is after he was personally forcibly fed on their inefficiencies, as he drove in the Machakos-Kitui road, over the weekend


The taxi he was traveling in was flagged down by two traffic policemen, manning a roadblock in Wamunyu. As it is the order of the day, the two cops embarked on what they are accustomed to, what they do daily


They harassed and intimidated the driver, while demanding bribes. The IG who was on the back seat, attempted to intervene by inquiring what the problem was


The cops roared back to him “Mzee, nyamaza ama tukuweke ndani”. Apparently, the cops were too drunk on bribes that they either couldn’t recognize him or they simply don’t know their topmost commander


They thought this was another hoof eater hiking a lift


The IG offered to solve the impasse by paying the two cops, the bribes they demanded and being a smart cop, he did this via MPESA, to secure their details


Once back to the city, the IG fired the two and reshuffled the entire county traffic police, including their commander


These ones were forcibly made to carry the cross of their two colleagues, like the ladybird, the bush rope and the mushroom, all suffered the consequences of the noisy hornbil, when the hunter came calling


Sadly the Mzee they thought “wataweka ndani” is the one who has wekad them ndani.

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