Mwingi residents react on demonetization


Traders in Mwingi are calling for an extension of the demonetization period for the one thousand shilling note.

The traders are claiming that the process of exchanging the notes in banks is long and mobile money dealers like safaricom’s Mpesa have halted all transactions with the old note.

However, most of the traders  have already exchanged all the old notes for new ones and even in banks the number of people going for exchange of the old notes is going down.

Mwendwa Katumani, a local tailor at Mwingi called for the government to extend the period and to contact more civic education on the feature of the new notes.

“I would like to urge the government to offer education about the new notes in order to counter the increasing number of contraband”, added Mwendwa.

Damaris Musya, a trader who sells second hand clothes in the town claims that some people might not be able to meet todays’ deadline, hence the need of an extension.

Central Bank Governor, Patrick Njoroge has however maintained that the deadline will not be extended.


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