Four hospitalized after consuming illicit brew in Mwingi.


Four men from Kanyoeni village in Mukong’a location, Mumoni sub-county in Kitui county have been hospitalized after consuming illicit brew (mawa).

They were all complaining of stomach related complications.

It’s believed the brew was made using contaminated flour which is normally used to feed pigs.

Consumption of Illicit brew has been on the rise in these areas of Mumoni, despite the national government having put consulted efforts to put an end to manufacturing of contraband alcoholic drinks.

According to Peter Musyimi, an eye witness, the four men started swelling their stomachs.

This raised concern among their neighbors whom opted to rush them to hospital for check up.

“Few minutes after consuming the brew I heard them complaining of severe pain in their bellies”, said Musyimi.

It is in the hospital where the four confessed to have taken some Illicit brew which had been brewed locally.

The incident has been confirmed by Mumoni Sub county police commander Peter Oduori, saying that investigations are still ongoing to ascertain the truth of the matter.

We are going to carry more investigations on this matter and we are going to take stern action against anyone found culpable”, said OCPD.


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