Smoking gun at KERRA KITUI office, top boss embroidered in corrupt deals.

Alarm Raised After Corruption Ravages Kitui's KERRA


Smoking gun at KERRA KITUI office, top boss embroidered in corrupt deals.

It’s a shame that KERRA office in Kitui has been turned into a money siphoning cartel with the top boss forcing contractors awarded contracts to fork out millions in kickbacks and those that fail to comply are thrashed into cycles of whack-a-mole delays.

The alarm has been sounded by a group of fed-up contractors, who have sworn to expose these conduits fleecing taxpayers money and causing their businesses to drown into debts and losses.

The alleged lead cartel of corruption in the regional office, is the Deputy Director one Eng. Sayo Mbavu who is the top boss at Kitui and has been quoted alluding to have protection from the Authority’s top boss.

Eng. Mbavu who took over the Kitui office in early 2018 has held contractors captive for the last close to two years demanding hefty kickbacks. Which according to the contractors, he claims to share with his senior boss and other stakeholders


In 2017- 2018 financial year alone, the top official is alleged to have demanded Kes 500,000 from each contract awarded to every contractor. The amount was once again increased by a whopping Kes 200,000 as he claimed this was to cater for changing economic times, funny right! Believe you me the kickback now stands at Ksh 700,000 for each tender awarded.

According to affected contractors, the arrogant Engineer has gone ahead to create unnecessary delays in issuing completion certificates and even doctored completion reports issued by inspection engineers on the ground to ensure those defiant of his demands, do not get paid for their work even when its 100% done.

The contractors who sought anonymity to avoid the officer’s backlash said they are unhappy with the conduct of such a senior government official and call out to the authority to look into the issue.

Its not only against our work ethics and causing a strain on our end but it’s also derailing service delivery to the Mwananchi.’ One of the contractor argued. ‘To add insult to the injury, time and again Mr. Mbavu has insisted that his ‘cut’ must be given in full at the onset of a project without fail or else consequences will follow.’ He added.

Kitui Online has learnt from reliable sources that although recommendations to transfer the boss have been made, his alleged ‘protector’  has made it impossible.

Our source alluded that Engineer’s god father to the corrupt and arrogant Engineer, as he is his right-hand man collecting ‘tax’ on his behalf.

Nonetheless, all hope is not lost as the office on the hill is rumored to have swag into action. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is said to be carrying out investigation after numerous reports and complains have been launched by contractors.

More to follow 


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