Police turn a blind eye as four hospitalized after consuming illicit brew.

Deputy sub-county police commander, Samuel Kogo

It has been two days since four men were hospitalized after consuming illicit brew (mawa) at Mukong’a area, Mumoni sub-county, Mwingi North Constituency, however the local administration has remained mum over the issue.

It is alleged that the brewer of the illicit brew is brother to Mukong’a chief.

Speaking to press on Thursday at his office deputy sub-county police commander, Samuel Kogo said that they are yet to receive formal report concerning the issue.

He further pointed that there might be a possible cover up by the local administration because the people behind illicit brew might be well known to them.

Kogo has vowed to do further investigations to unmask those who are still carrying on the illegal business against the national government directive.

According to a concerned resident, Pastor Peter Muthui people have been brewing illicit brew openly using flour that is used to feed on pigs,however police is showing no concern over the issue.

We are urging the police to deal with this matter as soon as possible because our people are laying in the hospital helplessly”,said Pastor Muthui.

Muthui further said that it is not the first time people are being hospitalized or died due to the illicit brew.

We have a list of people who have died due to ‘mawa’ and if government want us to produce the list we can do that so that ‘mawa’ can be banned completely from our areas”, said Pastor Muthui.

Pastor Muthui
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