Camels: Can you Keep Camels in Your Farm?

Can Other Tribes Keep Camels or they were Created for Somalis.


Camels have been termed as “the ship of the desert” due to their drought resilience nature.

They are majorly in the North Eastern parts of Kenya.

Camels have become the catylst of ethnic clashes along the Kitui-Tana Border. Kambas along the Kitui border have persistently called for the removal of the camel herders from their farms and water points.

A good number of Kitui residents have been killed over the years, as scramble for water and vegetation continues to sour year after year.


Camels are not your usual animals. They eat everything from farm crops to trees with most dreaded sups and fluids. They even eat euphobia and baobab trees trunks that other animals dare not.


The bigger question remains why domestication of Camels has remained as a preserve of the Somali and cushitic communities.

Animal farm experts continue to wonder how come no other tribe keeps camels apart from the Bandits?

Why hasn’t a Kamba or Kikuyu or Luo man domesticated camels in their rural farms? Questions continue to ensue around these mysterious desert beasts as issues of insecurity also come calling.

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