Kitui’s 20-Billion-Dollar Kicotec Scandal Questions


Kitui’s 20-Billion-Dollar Kicotec Scandal Questions

1. Why was the law on establishment of a governmentt corporation or business venture ignored?


2. What steps did Governor Ngilu use to set up Kocotec?

Was the correct procedure followed?


3.What viability research was conducted to inform establishment of Kikotec and what did it show? Or was it the usual instinctive and impulsive approach meant to siphon public resources?


4. Why were stakeholders such as the County Assembly sidestepped and ignored?


5. Why was public/ citizen participation ignored?


6.What was the motivation for ignoring the due legal process in establishing Kicotec?


7. Why was Kicotec construction and procurement of equipment a secret affair?

8. How were the services and goods procured? Who won the tenders and what connection do they have with Kitui county government functionaries?


9. Where do Kicotec proceeds go? What’s the actual account and not the usual lies peddled by apologists?


10. Who are Kicotec employees and how are they distributed across the wards or sub counties?

11. What was the procedure used to hire them?


12. What’s the relationship between the owners of Trendy Links College and Driving School in Nakuru and top Kitui county government top guns?


13. Who owns the college?


14. Why were Garment making trainees taken all the way to the Nakuru College where hundreds of millions were paid for only one month training?

15. Were there no such colleges in Kitui, Machakos, Nairobi, Makueni, Thika or Garissa?


16. What was special with this Nakuru backstreet school?


17. Was such a huge contract advertised? Why wasn’t there competitive bidding as required by law?

18. How much did the county fraudsters declare as cost of training, construction of the Kicotec godown and purchase of equipment?


19. How much revenue has already been raised at Kicotec and where is it deposited? County revenue account or to the Nakuru college?


20. Why is the county government cagey with Kicotec information? Why are being fed on false tales rather than facts and figures?

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