Shame on instigators as Mulyungi and Ngilu agree to work together.


There have been conflicts between Mwingi Central Mp Dr.Gideon Mulyungi and Kitui governor Hon Charity Ngilu but now the conflicts has come to an end as both agreed to team up and enhance development in Kitui County.

While addressing press on Friday at a hotel in Mwingi Mulyungi said that it is only three years remaining for their terms to end and there is no development thus they decided to team up and build Kitui county together.

We came to realize that when we keep on fighting the common citizen suffers a lot because there is no proper development taking place”, said the Mp.

According to Mulyungi the proposed bill for Mwingi to be a municipality is in progress and once established there will be a lot of development in Mwingi Constituency.

For now it’s time to drop our ego and serve our people accordingly”, added the legislator.

Mulyungi further said that he will cooperate with governor Ngilu to ensure that security is enhanced in Kitui County especially within the boarder of Kitui and Tana River counties.

“I and Mama Ngilu are now inseparable hence Kitui residents should support us as we enhance development in Kitui county”, added Mp Mulyungi.

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