OPINION: Governor Ngilu is against the will of her electorates


War between the County Assembly of Kitui and the Executive is far from ending.

In my own opinion Governor Ngilu is not against the MCA’s but the people of kitui who elected her to office.

The Members of County Assembly are pushing for equitable development projects in all the 40 wards in Kitui county.

The said projects were proposed by the communities at the village and ward level through public participation.

In other words MCAs want the Governor and her administration to implement the said projects as they are also captured in this years approved county fiscal strategy paper.

The  proposed projects revolve around 3 Key ministries ;

1. Agriculture, Water and Livestock development

2. Health and Sanitation

3. Land, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development

The posed budget of Ksh 40 million per ward is nothing, Kitui’s total development budget for 2019-2020 financial year is Ksh 3.5Billion.

This sum of money will not go into MCAs pocket but development at ward level.

Procurement and other procedures will remain under County’s procurement offices.

The Governor/executive will still remain with close to Ksh 2 Billion for flagship projects across the county.

As things stand, it seems MCA will only talk of Kitui County 2019-2020 budget if and only if Ksh 40Million per ward is factored in.

The County Assembly of Kitui should NOT allow the executive to loot money meant for development. That should not happen!


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