Advice to women, men will always cheat

A cheating man


Just like women gossip, men will always cheat on their spouses.

The sad truth is, however strong the relationship is, tasting of neighbors pot of soup will always be practiced regardless of whether the wife/ spouce has it all that a man wants.

African men are naturally polygamous. Fact women have vehemently refused to admit.

Biblically, a concubine was a woman acquired by a man as a secondary wife to provide children and of course satisfy the man’s sexual desires.

Better examples of such men were King David and King Solomon. Famous royals everyone knows of.

Here are some of the reasons why men cheat,

Emotional neglect

Normally, when anyone feels empty inside, they ought to seek for a shoulder to lean on.

Good girls will always be there to hug married and give them the peace they want once they are frustrated by their wives.


Everyone deserves to be respected and especially men who are the head of the family.

Unfortunately, in the recent society where our women have been empowered, they think their submissive role has been empowered too.

When a man feels belittled simply because wife is a working/driving class, they will definitely look for someone who will love them accordingly, show respect and most importantly, be submissive.

Too hot to resist

As the saying goes, beautiful ones are not yet born; men will always meet more attractive and sexy women and easily get tempted to touch.










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