We are losing weight over Mwende’s dual citizenship standoff, Mwinzi’s family


Ambassadorial Nominee to Seoul, Mwende Mwinzi’s family has come to her defense following failure of approval by national assembly as South Korea Ambassador few months after her appointment.

National assembly committee on implementation recommended a reversal of national assembly’s approval of Ms Mwinzi for appointment of the post after she failed to denounce her US citizenship and instead sued the assembly.

Fredrick Kimanzi Munyambu Mwende’s uncle congratulated his niece stating that her ability to lead and deliver won her the appointment.

According to Fredrick, Mwende, whom he oftenly referred to as a daughter during the interview at his home in Migwani, Mwingi west, is qualified and can wholly represent the country.

Mutune Mwendwa Mwinzi, the nominee’s cousin stated that only accession to the post would bring peace to her family members.

Mutune stated that the family is disturbed following the dual citizenship standoff and only her approval to the post will bring them peace.

James Mwendwa Mwinzi, former Mwingi West MP aspirant’s father, wondered why there are so many obstacles restraining her post.

James, urged legislators to stop frustrating his daughter and approve her appointment.

Mwingi west MP, Charles Nguna called upon Ukambani leaders and national leaders as a whole to come together, speak in unison and let Mwende serve her post.

According to the parliamentarian, South Korea has strong diplomatic ties with Kenya and US and this, is an added advantage of her representing Kenya.

In a clip uploaded on Youtube, the former Jubilee aspirant who was cleared to vie in 2017 stated that she did not choose where to be born but certainly knows where she belongs.

Mwende revealed that she was born in the US and came to Kenya at the age of 16 months and her parents were teachers in Kitui.

The first female to contest in Mwingi west further said that everyone has a role in building the community.

“I might have been physically out of the country but I am emotionally attached to Kenya,” Mwende stated in the clip uploaded three days ago.




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