Mulyungi urge government to supply farmers with planting seeds.

Mwingi Central legislator, Gideon Mulyungi

Mwingi Central Mp Hon. Dr.Gideon Mulyungi has urged the county government of Kitui to supply planting seeds to farmers in his constituency following the heavy rains that started a week ago.

According to Mulyungi the farmers have prepared their farms but they don’t have seeds to plants therefore the county government should intervene and supply planting seeds to the farmer.

Kitui County is characterized by rapidly growing population, water scarcity, falling food production and low resilience to climate change. The combine effects of climate change and rapid population growth are increasing food insecurity, environmental degradation and high poverty levels.

Mulyungi further urged the farmers to plant seeds that can withstand drought because Kitui county is a semi-arid therefore receives rains once in a year.

You should plant seeds that can still do well in times of drought because our area does not receive a lot of rains so that you can be able to harvest without encountering any loss” ,said the legislator.

Speaking to press on Friday in Mwingi town Mulyungi said that he will buttress farmers by ensuring that their crops do well so that they can have good harvest to overcome the drought that had hit the area before rains had set.

Recurring droughts have diminished water supply, rendering many rivers seasonal and drying them completely. This has led to decrease in food production and supply therefore with the ongoing rains there will be food security in Mwingi.


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