Kalelo’s Inlaws Visit grounds him a Political move in Kitui


The Political heat and temperatures have risen in Kitui County, and especially in Kitui East Constituency after a well known youthful leader, James Kalelo Muthui has been mentioned to be a man to watch in Kitui East Constituency politics come 2022.

Many have referred him as a giver, generous and organized man who has transformed the community and the neighboring society at large.

Many acknowledging Kalelo to be a humble, simple and reachable friend to many, he has received calls and requests from both netizens and those back in the society, asking him to run for a political seat in Kitui East Constituency.

The local residents have expressed their willingness to support him regardless of the political seat be it Member of County Assembly (MCA Chuluni Ward) or Member of Parliament (Mp Kitui East).

Both people and majorly from larger Nzambani and Chuluni regions have cited that it is only through venturing to Politics that can make them pay back the good deeds he has served them with.

‘Ithyi nituvangie kwandika mwana uno wiitu witawa James Kalelo, atutethetye muno, aa mwaitu, atumia na syana siitu nitethetwe ni Kalelo na tutonya kumutungia muveea na kumusakua aendeeye na ututethya atuthukumite’, Mwende from Utwiini area lamented this on behalf of a gathering attended by thousands of residents.

To prove more on his leadership qualities, on 12.10.2019, on Saturday, Hon.James Kalelo had a visit to his Inlaws at Kaveta, an event that was overwhelmingly attended by people of all walks of life, from outside and across the County.

It was a super event that caught and drew attention to all Kitui people present, to some, becoming a shock.Top Country Leadership teams had availed themselves to participate in the event, among them, the Sonko Rescue Team from County 047.


The event was a success that saw James Kalelo being applauded by everyone and was recognized as a hero by many, referring to him as a man of many, a true friend and a leader of substance if given an opportunity to serve.




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