Kitui East Mp wants County commissioner transferred.

Kitui East Mp Nimrod Mbai addressing his Constituents at Nzambani Ward. he told off Former primie for dragging DP william Ruto to corruption claims

Kitui East Mp Nimrod Mbai wants Kitui County commissioner John Odengo transferred for allegedly failing to restore security in peripheral areas of Kitui prone to fatal attacks by camel herders.

Addressing a press conference in Kitui town on Sunday lamented Mbai said his electorate and those in Kitui south continue to live in makeshift IDP camps, while Odengo was doing little or was disinterested.

“Mutha, Endau area Kyamatu have been under attack by Somali camel herders who hurt our people and the government through CS Fed Matingi, IG and head of DCI and Parliamentary committee moved in to help our people,” he said.

He added that despite the government pledging action, a teacher and a businessman were buried in Mutomo and Endau respectively being victims of attacks. “People are still in IDPs camps at Imuumba and Musenge and schools have not been reopened,’ he lammented.

“The County commissioner has not attended the burials to condole with the people. Since the CS ordered action and that children must go back to school, the county commissioner has not left his office to get first hand information on peoples’ suffering,” he said.

He said it had reached a point for the government to transfer the county commissioner from Kitui or Mr. Odengo decides to leave the comfort of his office to go out and relief the suffering the people were faced with.

Mbai charged that Odengo had never stepped in the attack hot spots of Endau, Muthungue, Mutha. He accused him of issuing statements from Kitui town and thus he is of no help to the people terrorized by the camel herders.

“If he is not transferred or moves out to visit the suffering people by Wednesday next week, we will transport the displaced people and children who are out of school and dump them at his residence. He will have to feed them himself,” threatened the MP.

He said that due to the insecurity he could ask the IDPs to go to their homes lest they would be killed in cold blood by the herders.
“In the 21st century people and women should not undergo the suffering of living in the bush. It is unacceptable,” he said.

Ondego denied the accusation leveled against him by the MP. He said it was apparent that the MP had a personal grudge against him. He said he was at a loss why Mbai displayed such immense hatred against him.

“I am transferable and he should only ask for my transfer if he thinks that can solve the insecurity problem,” said the county commissioner when we reached him on phone.

He clarified that he had visited the insecurity areas in company of the county security team. He pointed out that security had been restored while the hostile Somali camel herders have been driven out of the affected areas. He said IDPs camps no longer existed.

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