Joblessness :hundreds turn out for ten slots interview


A rift has emerged between the contractor who has been tasked with de-silting of Kiambeere dam and residents of Kiomo location in Kiomo-Kyethani ward, Mwingi west constituency over employment opportunities.

The residents also want to know the manner in which the local community should benefit from the sand harvested from the dam.

A Chinese investor has been sub contracted to de-silt the dam and residents of the area belief that most of employment opportunities ought to be given to the locals.

However, residents from neighboring counties like Embu, Makueni and Machakos are also demanding equal employment opportunities as the constitution dictates.

Cosmas Mutuku, a resident of Kaewa in Machakos requested the contractor to distribute the available job opportunities equitably to all those present themselves for interviews.

“The contractor should treat us equally whether we come from this area or not”, said Cosmas Mutuku.

Addressing the matter, Mwingi west MP Charles Nguna who had toured the cite called upon the investor to ensure that residents of the area benefit maximally from the sand harvested.

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“This contract should mostly benefit people from this area so the contractor should give them first priority when awarding jobs”, said Nguna.


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