Was game reserves eviction meant to benefit bandits? Mwingi residents


Residents of Ngomano area, Ngomeni ward of Mwingi North are still in shock on whether eviction process aimed at flushing out anyone residing at game reserves was purely aimed at benefiting bandits.

The residents, who had been residing at Mwingi game reserve have stated that they complied to the eviction order but armed Somali herders are still herding their camels at the game reserve.

Over two weeks ago, the government ordered all individuals residing or herding at game reserves to be evicted so as to solve bloody clashes between kamba community and the Somali herders.

The conflict, which mostly occurs in dry seasons, leaves lives lost as conflict occurs when the Akamba opposes bandits will of herding their camels on their farms.

Kakuli Mwangu a resident from Ngomano who was affected by the eviction, told Kitui Online that they have complied to the order but Somali herders are still at the reserve.

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According to him, their children, who are the most affected have not been attending classes and spend cold nights outside.

Kakee Mutemi, another resident stated that after the eviction, Somali’s have been grazing camels on their shambas which were recently cultivated owing to ongoing rainy season.

According to Kakee, some of their households were set ablaze and the food stuffs they had left behind were being fed on by the bandits.

“Was the eviction meant to benefit camel herders? “, wondered Kakee who seemed highly disturbed.

Mutisya kitheka, another affected resident and a mother wondered where they would start their new difficult lives from when their children including newborns spent nights on heavy rains experienced in the area.

However, Kyuso sub county police commander Charles Machinji, said that the ongoing operation within Kora Park National Park and Mwingi game reserve is aimed at flashing out all people who have encroached in to the park regardless of tribe or place of origin.

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Machinji stated that the operation is fairly carried on apart from the resistance faced while evicting the Akamba who had resided on the reserves.


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