Angry Kiomo residents bar sand harvesting


Angry Kiomo residents have warned against sand harvesting in R.Kiromboko claiming that the lorries carrying sand are causing a lot of damage on the roads.

According to the residents they were not involved in any public participation to alert them that there will be sand harvesting in R.Kiromboko.

Early this week they, residents forced the drivers to stop and offloaded several lorries that were carrying sand from the river claiming that the drivers selected for the contract were not from their area.

“We want to know how people from this area will benefit from sand harvesting. It is so sad that even drivers of this lorries do not come from this place,” said Susan Mwende, a resident.

According to Lukas Mwangangi, a resident, one of the lorries carrying sand hit a power post which lead to power loss in the area for two days.

“We are living in fear that this lorries carrying sand might cause more damage in this area”, added Lukas.

Mwingi Central Sub-county police commander, Peter Mutuma said that their grievances have been heard and they will be solved, whereby he pleading them to allow the process to take place ensuring them that the contractor will make sure that the roads are in good condition.

Mutuma further said that there will be police officers conducting day and night patrol to ensure enough security for both residents and the sand harvesters.


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