independence heroes are disappointed, Mwingi residents


Residents of Mwingi, Kitui have expressed their disappointments as the nation celebrates heroes who helped attain independence.

The locals lamented on very poor living standards, joblessness among youths, poor infrastructure among other key factors accelerated by corruption.

Joe Katembu a youthful entrepreneur from Mwingi west, stated that Kenya should be at a better state after 56 years of self governance spearheaded by selfless individuals who sacrificed a lot to witness independence.

Katembo, who decided to venture into small businesses after he tried to secure employment in vain, said that it would be better heroes who fought for independence are honored in best ways possible.

Raphael Mwinzi, another youth from Mwingi stated that it is a shame that a large number of residents still live below poverty lines even after some legends died fighting for independence.

Mwinzi, who seemed highly disappointed by the current leadership, stated that more needs to be done to actualize the sense of self rule.

According to Raphael, the independence Kenya attained through thick and thin is not worth it, a lot has to be done to curb hopelessness among residents where some give up and take their own lives due to economic frustrations.

Mwingi west Mp, Charles Nguna who had attended Mashujaa celebrations at Thokoa Market within his constituency, stated that tere is nothing to smile about even after evicting colonialist.

Nguna, echoed sentiments of residents who lamented that Kenya would be in better place if we would be under British colonial rule as opposed to now where life has proved cumbersome to majority of Kenyans.

Lauding the minimal milestones that the country has achieved, Nguna stated that leaders need to re evaluate their roles because corruption has proved a major impediment to development.

Stating his disappointment, Nguna added that the country is faced by too much challenges ranging from poor infrastructure in schools, lack of teachers, so many places without electricity among other setbacks that need to be addressed.



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