Mp Nguna excoriates the appointment of president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mwingi West Mp, Charles Nguna

Mwingi west Mp Hon Charles Ngusya Nguna has excoriated the current appointment of president Uhuru Kenyattta claiming that the president did not consider youths in his appointment.

“Am not happy with the appointment of our president because our educated youths are still languishing due to joblessness “, lamented Nguna.

According to Nguna the president’s appointment is so discouraging especially to the youths as they feel like no one is putting them into consideration.

“The government is doing well in terms of the welfare of the elderly but when it comes to youths the government is doing nothing”, added CNN.

Speaking on Sunday at Thokoa secondary school during Mashujaa celebrations Nguna further urged the president to review his current standards and include more youths in his development agenda.

Unemployment is a major challenge that is affecting youth across Kenya. Approximately 800,000 young Kenyans enter the labour market every year and youth unemployment is estimated to be as high as 35%, compared to the overall national unemployment rate of 10%.

Furthermore, 80% of unemployed Kenyans are below 35 years old.

Nguna further said that for the government to tackle the high youth unemployment,it must work hard to develop innovative business models.


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