OPINION: Don’t wait for Ngilu’s political come back.


Kitui County Governor, H.E Charity Ngilu has reached political menopause.

Three years into office, yet no tangible development meant to aid Musangi has been commissioned.

It is crystal clear that at this stage she can’t do any meaningful development for the people of Kitui who voted her in with high expectations of developments from Mama.

In a normal setting, many have trust in women leadership. It is assumed that the woman will selflessly take care of needs and wants of everyone, just like a mother’s love.

However, in Kitui a mother’s love has turned disappointing with many regretting voting her in.

Nevertheless, a comeback for governor Ngilu is not anything to think of as her love for taxpayers money has risen above her five pillar manifesto as always sang by her Deputy.

Ngilu’s enormous budget on programs, trainings and salaries is a way of stealing cash as it easily goes un-audited.

In the 2019-2020 budget that was nullified countrywide, Ngilu’s administration had posed 1.7Billion on Programs, Trainings and seminars, capacity Building, Feasibility study, Research among others.

Even her diehards who will always sing her praise and worship songs, deep in their hearts know all is not well. The ship is fast capsizing.

Should we sit and wait for a political come back from Governor Ngilu?

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